Ho Chi Minh –mixed feelings

I have been in Ho Chi Minh now for about a week, but haven’t photographed that much. What I mean, I haven’t really photographed. I’ve had my camera with me, but my phone camera has seen more action. I’m not really sure if I like this city or not and I should probably try to somehow show that in my pictures, but I’ve mostly just shot ordinary tourist photos. It’s a new place to me, so it’s pretty easy to spot something to shoot, but to find a really good photo is as hard as in any place. Like always, it doesn’t make sense to push things, a great moment will present itself sooner or later.

It’s now little over a month since I started my trip and my one camera, one lens -project. So far everything has worked out really well and I have no regrets what comes to my chosen gear. It really goes as I planned, I don’t really think about my camera or lens that much and I don’t crave anything else. This feels liberating.

The card problem I had seems to be gone after I switched to another card, but I have another very minor irritation. There is a piece of dust on the sensor of my camera almost at the sweet spot of the frame. I’ve tried the sensor cleaning but it doesn’t work that well on the A7RII. I should probably buy a can of air and try to blow that dust speck out, but it feels a bit too much to buy a whole can and only use it once. I can’t take a spray can with me when I move on, because it’s not allowed in cabin baggage. I wonder how the dirt got there is the first place, since I’ve only removed the lens twice during the whole trip. Fortunately it only shows against even colored light surface, typically sky, and when stopped down past f/4. It’s also pretty easy to remove in post, but it still bugs me.

These two images are from my real camera. I’ll show some phone camera images in another post. I saw the dog near our apartment on a back street and the old man pushing the cart is walking down one of the streets in District 1.

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