Yellow Car continues

My time in New Zealand has been busy, because we have about five weeks here and we are trying to see as much as possible. We don’t usually travel like this, we like to stay in one place for at least a week or two, but this country is so versatile and we are not sure if we ever come back. This does not really support photography either, but I try my best not to shoot only tourist clichés. We are still having fun, though, and life is also other things than photography.

However, I decided to continue my Yellow Car -project, because I don’t seem to get over it. Every time I see a yellow car I think there is a potential photo. I had to loosen the rules and I now accept any car as long as the color is right. I’ll shoot other subjects too, but this project seems to fit well to the busy schedule and is relatively easy to execute in almost any urban environment.

Here are some yellow cars from New Zealand. Enjoy! I can promise you the next post will not include any yellow car.

Takapuna, Auckland

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