About the author

My name is Matti Sulanto, I’m from Finland and I’m a photographer.
I had my very first paid assignment in 1983 and have done photography for living ever since.

During my career I have done just about every photo assignment there is, but for the last decade or so I have mostly concentrated on corporate photography. My real love is documentary and journalism, but it’s so hard to make a living from that these days. I also like street photography, in which I still have a lot to learn.
I was a Fujifilm X-photographer for a while, but resigned from that, because at the time I was doing a lot camera reviews and I didn’t want to give a biased impression. At the moment I collaborate with Canon and use their mirrorless EOS M50 camera.
I ran a popular Finnish photo web site called Sulantoblog, but after nine years I felt I needed to do something else. At the end of August 2017 I shut down Sulantoblog for good and started this new English site.
Here I will share my thoughts on photography and other matters that are related to that. One of the main themes will also be my one camera, one lens, one year -project.

I also share my views on valovuoto.fi in Finnish.