My latest video is about the rules in street photography. These are my guidelines for shooting in public, what to shoot and how to shoot.

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  1. Jean-Jacques

    Hei Matti,

    thank you for your interesting videos, for instance the one on Rules of Street.

    I enjoy photography as an amateur, doing mostly street snapshots, portraits and architectural or landscape compositions. I worked in Estonia for 4 years, and then in Finland for 3 years before retiring. Since then, I’ve been a volunteer in Internet governance, citizen journalism and some other things. I live in France.

    Right now I’m looking for a Lumix GM5. It seems Panasonic have stopped producing this model. Would you happen to have any leads, either to a new one still hidden in some shop, or a second-hand one in very good condition? I would be grateful for any advice.

    Here’s one in a series of articles I did for WikiTribune, as a community contributor,

    Kiitos paljon.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I’m afraid, I don’t know where to get the GM5. Maybe second hand?
      Interesting article that, I have to read it properly once I’m done with my next video.

  2. Hi Matti, recently in the UK a photographer was assaulted very badly and his camera destroyed, apparently because he took a shot of a couple kissing, even though he subsequently offered to delete the photograph. I wanted to share this because it makes you ‘Rules of Street’ very real. Thankfully, the above is a rare occurrence but none the less something that street photographers are aware of. I think your guidelines are very poignant for many reasons, not least of all the ones that you mention so thank you for sharing.

    • Like you say, that kind of conflict is rare, but can happen. It’s wise to be be very discreet when photographing intimate moments like kissing. Thanks for your comment.

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