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Digital age of photography has brought us many new expressions that would have sounded funny in the film era and ”shot on a phone” is one of such. If someone had said that 30 years ago, he or she probably knew nothing about phones or photography. However, today everybody uses a phone camera even to such extent that the sales of certain types of real cameras have seriously declined.

Lonely light. Torquay, Victoria, Australia 2018.

I too have used my phone camera quite a bit lately, because it’s so easy to carry, it saves gps coordinates and the image quality is sufficient, especially the raw. I use the Lightroom camera that captures raw image and is actually pretty usable too. Of course, a real camera handles better, but the LR camera has reasonably good controls for what I need. When using a phone camera I don’t even want that many control points, I just want to point and shoot.

Better be prepared. North Beach, Western Australia, Australia 2018.

One of the things many complain about phone cameras is the depth of field, but I like that. Everything is pretty much always in focus, so I don’t have to worry about focusing. Just compose and shoot. It also forces me to look carefully and acknowledge what’s in my frame, because I can’t hide anything behind a blur. There are situations when a very shallow depth of field is a good thing, but if the background is smoothed too much it becomes just a surface without content. For my personal projects I usually prefer a lots of depth of field.

Blue and white. Lancelin, Western Australia, Australia 2018.

I have only used my phone camera actively for about a year or so. Previously I only shot on a phone if I had to or when taking notes. These days I take a phone camera seriously and treat it like a true imaging tool. Here are some of my phone camera pictures, all shot during the past couple of months. Enjoy!

Bluish. Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia 2018.
Ok guys, are you coming? Prevelly, Western Australia, Australia 2018.
Scenic route. Boranup, Western Australia, Australia 2018.
El Dorado. Lancelin, Western Australia, Australia 2018.

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  1. Nice! I find my phone(pixel 3) takes very pleasing photos. Current phone cameras are impressive. Add a creative perspective with a interesting subject and one can end up with great images.

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