Singapore observations

Beach and harbor.

I’m a documentarist in my heart, I observe my surroundings and photograph what cathces my eye. I’m not after some epic images that are so trendy these days. Instead, I prefer everyday and mundane things and think they’re more interesting. I believe it’s important to document what is going on around us. Recording our rapidly changing world is almost like writing history.

Train is arriving.

Here are some images I shot in Singapore. I spent there five days and didn’t carry my camera all the time. I was recovering from a jet lag and at the same time trying to understand that my long trip was now reality. This trip required about a year and a half of plannig before it was possible to execute it. I’d been looking forward to this moment for a long time and now it feels a bit surreal when I’m actually on the road. So I think I wasn’t fully operational in Singapore, but this is what I saw. This was not my first time in Singapore and I’m not trying give a full coverage of that little country. These are some random observations from that five day period.

First out, then in.
No swimming here.
Floating in the sky.
Not crowded.
Reflections and layers.
Minding my own.

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