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Back button focus can change the way you take photos and that’s why it’s good to know how to use it. In the video below I’m showing how back button focus works on Lumix cameras and how to set up your camera.

6 thoughts on “Back Button Focus

  1. I think you forgot to explain that for many LUMIX cameras a button will have to be assigned, and how to do that. Great video though!

    1. Thanks! I was covering Lumix system cameras and most of them have the dedicated button, but you are right that some models don’t have it. I probably should have mentioned that.

      1. Hi Matti
        I am a big fan of Finnland! I will be in Helsinki in August again. I like your blog and your insights.

        Do you got an email- Address for a Personal Mail?

        Jens Schwoon from Germany

  2. Hi Matti;
    Great how to video on using back button focus. I have been using it for a few months now but I have noticed I sometimes forget to focus before taking a picture. It would be great if there was a way to enable/disable BBF using the front rotary mode switch on the G9. I would then switch to BBF when desired but generally leave it set to shutter button focusing. Any thoughts if this is possible.

  3. Hi, I used back button focus on my G80. There was 2 options.
    1. Press button and focus remained at that focus. The focus area square was green.
    2. Press button again and AFC was on. The square was white.
    Very practical and easy.
    On my new G9 the focus works fine but when pressing again it seems as it focuses again. No AFC is turned on. Square is still white.
    Is there any adjustment I missed? Could G9’s back button focus work the same way G80 did?

    1. I can’t comment on your G80, because I don’t know your settings. Watch my video and explore the menu.There are quite a few settings to try. On the G9 you have to turn the switch around the button to activate AFC.

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