Wanna try my settings?

Would you like to try my camera settings? Lumix G9 and S series cameras let you save the camera settings and copy them to another similar camera.

I’m going to share my settings here for you to try. However, you should first save your current settings, so you can restore them just in case you don’t like my settings.

My G9 settings have my Fn button arrangement (see the picture below), custom Q Menu and custom My Menu. In addition to that there are two black and white custom modes saved to the C1 and C2. Watch the video below for details. But that’s not all, there are also basic video settings on the C3.

My S1R settings also have my Fn button set-up, custom Q Menu and custom My Menu, but nothing on C1, C2 or C3.

How to save your settings?

To save your current G9 settings, go to Menu > Spanner > Save/Restore Camera Settings. Then select save and you are all set. You can change the file name, if you like. The settings file is saved on the card in the slot 1.

G9 menu
G9 menu

On the S1R you go to Menu > Spanner > Cog > Save/Restore Camera Settings. On the S1R you can select which card to use, but the process is otherwise the same as on the G9.

S1R menu
S1R menu

Save your settings file on your computer or a separate memory card.

How to load custom settings?

When you want to load custom settings, you first need to save the custom settings file on a card. Make sure the folder and file structure is like in the picture below, because otherwise the camera will not find the settings file.

If you’d like to try my settings, first download the settings file from the link below. Make sure to download the AD_LUMIX folder with all its content, not just the settings file. Unzip the file you downloaded, if necessary, and copy the AD_LUMIX folder to a memory card that you first formatted in your camera. Make sure the AD_LUMIX folder contains all the files and folders in the above picture. The XXXX.DAT is the settings file.

Insert the card into the slot 1, if you are using the G9. If you are using the S1R, you can use either slot. On the G9 go back to Menu > Spanner > Save/Restore Camera Setting and select Load. On the S1R go back to Menu > Spanner > Cog > Save/Restore Camera Settings, select the correct card and Load. Select the settings file and hit Menu/Set.

Load settings
Load settings file

Download my settings

Download my G9 settings here.

Download my S1R settings here.

15 comments on “Wanna try my settings?

  1. Matti,

    downloading the G9 link (direct download), while the file on the left shows the AD_LUMIX folder as the file to be downloaded, just downloads the CAMSET folder. I created a folder of AD_LUMIX and manually put the CAMSET folder inside.

    • Ok, when I tested it and downloaded the AD_LUMIX folder, I got the folder and its content. Did it work for you in the end?

  2. Andrew Bollinger

    my G9 cannot load the file. Might the file be damaged?

  3. Andrew Bollinger

    I was unable to load the settings into a new G9. I checked the firmware, updated it to 2.0 and the settings loaded perfectly.

  4. Hei Matti,

    thank you very much for sharing your personal settings of yor G9.
    It was easy to copy the file. Your description is really straight forward.

    Since the G9 is new territory for me, your settings are very helpful.

    Terveisiä Saksasta. 🙂

  5. Hello Matti,

    Thank you for posting all of this great info.
    I am fairly new to Lumix, I own the FZ1000, and G85 but only used them for walk around or video.
    I have recently traded in all my Canon gear 5D111, and 4, and all the canon lenses and such to replace with 2 – Lumix G9’s and some high end Lumix lenses and the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and so far I am very happy with everything.
    I decided to make the switch after holding my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 S lens for 6 hours at an event and my arm was killing me.

    I have a question for you, silly but very important for me and.
    I take a lot of youth sports photos and being able to quickly look at a preview in the screen and noting the img # is very important to me.
    up to this point I can only find that info by hitting the review/play button and seeing the img# there. On my Canon 5D I was able to quickly look at the back screen just after taking the image and the preview would also show the IMG # associated with it.
    is there any way to have this same setting used on the Lumix G9??

    again I know this is very silly, but very important and time saving for me.

    Thanks again for all of your great videos and information.


    • You can turn on the Auto Review here: Custom Spanner Menu > Monitor/Display > Auto Review. When you see the photo on the screen, you can use the Disp button to see various info. Hope this answers your question.

  6. Hi Matti,
    my Name is Francois-Xavier Pozin, i’m french but i live in Berlin since 17 years ago.
    I own a S1R with 2 lens Panasonic 24-105 and 70-200 since 10 month.
    I bought for my daugther a G81, i was impressiv from this little Camera and all the Features.
    I would like to find the feature for my S1R:
    I wish I could adjust the AF position at the front or at the rear, i don’t find any more description. Perhaps have you à idea? This function appeared with the front behind Update. Sorry for my Google english.
    What Do you need for à travel tripod for the s1r? Thank you for your job description of the functions.
    Stay healthy
    Have à nice day from Berlin

  7. Aarno Vepsäläinen

    Hei Matti.
    En tiedä onko tämä oikea paikka kysyä neuvoa sinulta. Olen nimittäin aikessa vaihtaa kameraa enkä osaa päättää minkä kameran valitsen. Nykyinen kamerani on Panasonic dmc-gx7 ja kamerat joita olen valinnut seuraavaksi ovat Panasonic g9 ja Olympus om de5m iii. Näistä kumpikaan ei itseasiassa ole ideaalinen minulle sillä kuvaan paljon macroja ja näistä molemmista puuttuu ominaisuus joka gx7:ssä on nimittäin kääntyvä etsin. Haluan kumminkin uudemman kaluston ja kysynkin sinulta kumpaa suosittelisit. Photostacking pitää kamerassa olla.

    • Lumix-kuvaajana suosittelen ilman muuta G9:a, mutta ihan muutenkin G9 on nyt hyvä ostos, koska niitä saa tarjouksesta, jos hieman katselee. Kääntyvä näyttö on harvinaisuus, jota on vaikea löytää enää. Kääntyvä näyttö on toiminut minulla hyvin, mutta en ole kovin innokas makrokuvaaja. E-M5III on hyvä kamera, mutta kallis, eikä anna makrokuvaukseen sinulle mitään lisäarvoa verrattuna G9:aan.

  8. Hellò Matti . I am Carmine from Naples ( Italy )are these your settings purely for black and white? If I try this setting file, can it cause loss of my personal settings? ( I mean if it overwrites my various settings) Another thing, where will I find your settings, in the various C1 C2 C3 ??
    I wait your news , great Matti .

  9. These settings will overwrite your current camera settings. Save your current settings on a memory card so you can restore them, if necessary, before you try my settings.
    Your camera will be like my camera after you update. It’s not just the C1, C2 and C3. Try it and you’ll see. If you don’t like it, just restore your own settings.

  10. Thanks, you are very nice and I follow your you tube channel with great enthusiasm

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